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About US

Elkins Tri-Steel, LLC has built our reputation by providing high quality products and competitive pricing on all of our materials. We are a full service post tension and rebar fabrication company. We have the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to handle any order.

We also understand that project success and client satisfaction are the result of the quality of the final product. Our clients can be confident that throughout the entire process, every detail will be overseen by experienced professionals.

When you become an Elkins Tri-Steel customer, you have immediate access to a full team of post tension service experts who will assist you with your materials order, facilitation of desired services and on-time delivery of your product. We will manage the entire process, getting you the post tension materials you need and providing you with whatever assistance you require along the way.

Our services related to sales, logistics, expediting and delivery of post tension materials are designed to ensure on-time delivery and your total satisfaction.